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10. Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed

for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness; 11. you will be enriched in

everything for all liberality, which through us is producing thanksgiving to God.


~ 2 Corinthians 9:10-11 ~


Important notice:

Dear Friends,

The president of Redeeming Light International, whose 501(c)3 non-profit corporation Bible Study Project was under, needed to let go of Bible Study Project to lighten her load, and BSP's ministry bank account needed to be closed. For that reason, donations cannot presently be made via the links below.


Bible Study Project has subsequently become a non-profit Unincorporated Association registered with the IRS and will provide tax deductible receipts for all donations received. However, until we are able to establish our own ministry credit union or bank account, which is in process, and reactivate the links below, donation checks must be made out to Norman Manzon. They will be placed in a temporary personal checking account dedicated 100% to Bible Study Project use, and TDRs will be issued for them. 


Yes, caution must be observed; but if the Lord gives you faith to donate this way, to God be the glory for the fruit your contributions will bear!


Bible Study Project is a faith project for me, as well. I receive no salary whatever, and over 95% of funds goes to the production of literature for the training of grass-roots pastors and teachers in Ethiopia. Over the years, about 87,000 copies of my Handbook of Bible Doctrine have gone out to India and Ethiopia in their native languages for such use through recognized ministry leaders in those countries. 


Whether you have already contributed or are considering contributing in the temporary manner described above, Mahalo Nui Loa - Hawaiian for Thank You, Very Much!


Blessings to you,

In Jesus' Name,

Two methods are in place for donating:

  • online payments via PayPal. As noted above, the PayPal links are temporarily inactive. 
  • sending checks by postal mail.

The PayPal options follow immediately, and instructions for the check option are to the right.


Please make your check out to

Norman Manzon - Please read notice above.

and mail it to:


Bible Study Project

P.O. Box 4463

Kailua-Kona, HI




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* If you'd like to make an automatic periodic donation for an amount not listed above, please contact me and I'll arrange for a button in that amount to appear.

Email me at normanmanzon7 @

When you email, just remove the spaces.


Thank you!


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                                 Scriptures quoted by others may be in other translations.


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Bible Study Project is an Unincorporated Non-Profit Association registered with the U.S. government and authorized
to issue tax deductible receipts. 


All gifts to Bible Study Project are tax deductible
in the United States

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