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Welcome to Bible Training for the World’s general fund donation page.

The photo is of former Ethiopian Muslims displaying Bible Training for the World's Handbook of Bible Doctrine in their Afaan Oromo language at a discipleship and pastoral training seminar. 

If you have read Bible Training for the World’s Welcome Letter, you have seen testimonies of how welcome and fruitful the Handbook is in India and Ethiopia. For the sake of those who haven’t, I’ll summarize here and then offer instructions for donating for those who are so inclined. 
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In 2010, Dr. K. Syam Kumar of Andhra Pradesh, India, asked if I would condense my systematic Bible studies at into a booklet that he could use for pastoral and discipleship training in India, and thus was born A Handbook of Bible Doctrine. A year or so later, Zemen Endale Lashetew, a Bible teacher of thousands in Ethiopia, asked if he could use some of my studies in his training, and I suggested the Handbook. Thus far, by the grace of God and the generosity of donor partners, almost 95,000 copies of A Handbook of Bible Doctrine have been freely distributed in widely spoken languages of India and Ethiopia. 

Pastor Haftee Waaqoo, Principal to Kumeshi Theological College Ethiopia, Oromia, wrote, "I was overwhelmed by the contents of your 'kitaaba xiqqaa' (A Handbook of Bible Doctrine). May I access to different theological courses compiled into Afaan Oromo.” You’ll never guess what I told him! 

Dr. Kumar: “I also plead you and beseech you to continue to pray for providing to print more Bible Doctrinal Hand booklets to reach and save many thousands of lost souls to Jesus and to expand the Kingdom of God. We are praying God to bless bible study project and strengthen your hand to bless many lost with Eternal bread of Life.”

For the winning and maturation of souls in Christ, the Handbook of Bible Doctrine is in great demand in India and Ethiopia. This, of course, fills me with great joy.

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Norm Manzon


May the Lord see fit to bless this work!


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