Volunteer translators sought!

Are you skilled in English and another language or languages? Can you handle the accurate translation of theological terms with the use of a good dictionary, if necessary? If so, please consider translating one or more studies of your choice for Bible Study Project. Producing such translations will be a tremendous service for the Lord as deeper Bible understanding will be made available in languages that the studies are not yet available in.


I am hesitant to say this as it may not apply to you, but it is necessary: Some may take advantage of this request and intentionally pervert the content of a study or even submit such materials that are antithetical to Christian teachings. On the other hand, some with the best of intentions may commit an unintentional error in the translation of a significant point or theological term. For these reasons, steps will be taken to assure the integrity and quality of the translation before it is published. Once a translator has gained the trust of Bible Study Project, as some have, such steps will no longer be necessary.

Bible Study Project receives a very small sum in donations, and no one at BSP receives any financial remuneration, whatever. Welcome to the "elite" ranks of those who receive no salary for the work of the Lord! :-)


If you are interest, please write to normanmanzon7@gmail.com or use our Contact page.


With Great Appreciation,
Norman Manzon




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                              Scriptures used by the author are generally in the New King James or New American Standard translations.
                             Scriptures in quotations by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum are in the American Standard Version.
                                 Scriptures quoted by others may be in other translations.


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Bible Study Project is currently seeking 501(c)3 status at which time
it will resume issuing tax deductible receipts for U.S. donors.
However, donations are still much needed, particularly for
the sponsorship of BSP literature in foreign languages,
and would be much appreciated! 
Please pray about this.
Thank you.


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