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The Bible Study Project website contains a multitude of in-depth, detailed studies that cover all the major areas of systematic theology, the goal of which is to address and arrange all Bible subjects topically in a formal, systematic order. Also included are some studies that may be classified as biblical theology, which deals with the progression of God's revelation to man in individual Bible books and in the entire chronological spread of the total Bible text. For simplicity's sake, though, all studies are arranged under subtopics of systematic theology.


Each study is packed with scripture or objective facts or both, and many are quite extensive. I've begun with a study that I consider to be foundational to all the rest: Evidence Upon Evidence: The Bible Is the Word of God, because a proper assessment of the Bible is essential for apprehending all that it contains and all that properly represents it in the studies that follow. The study falls under the category of Christian apologetics, that field of argumentation that defends Christian doctrine in general.


A great many studies abroad are wanting in an adequate understanding of the Jewish mindset and culture of the Old Testament writers, Jesus, the apostles, the New Testament writers, and the great number of Jews to whom all Old Testament books and some New Testament books were written. This want of understanding often results in misunderstandings of the text or the critical missing of major points. For this reason, where appropriate, the studies include a messianic emphasis for the sake of illuminating the Jewish mindset while addressing Roman, Greek and other Gentile contexts as appropriate. A messianic Bible study also strives to include an appropriate focus on God's interactions with, and intentions for, the nation of Israel.


For thirteen years, I was the editor of The Shofar web-based magazine of The Association of Messianic Congregations. Having previously completed a course in Systematic Theology under the tutelage of Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries, over the thirteen years I systematically exegeted the We Believe statement of the AMC, contributing one study to the magazine per issue. What developed was, for the most part, the systematic theology offered on this website. 


Bible Study Project is not a ministry of the AMC. However, I offer the AMC's complete We Believe statement as a rough overview and framework for the studies herein contained in Bible Study Project's Systematic Theology.  


The author holds to a conservative, evangelical, literal, historical, grammatical approach to Scripture. It is my hope that you will consider the material that is offered and grow in Spirit and in Truth. 


In Yeshua's Name and for His Sake, 

Norman Manzon

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