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Aloha Friends,

The studies of The Bible Study Project are organized according to a systematic theological sequence. A systematic theology strives to organize the topics of the Bible in a logical sequence and address each topic in a logical sequential manner. 

The theological sequence listed below, which I have employed, is modeled very closely to the sequence developed by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries, who made a major contribution to systematic theology with his recent development of an amazingly overlooked major category of study: Israelology: The Study of Israel. After all, huge portions of Scripture from Abraham through the Millennial or Messianic Kingdom deal with Israel, the people through whom God brought forth the Messiah and the Scriptures and established the church!


There are many systematic theologies abroad, but I have chosen to follow Dr. Fruchtenbaum's sequence rather closely simply because it makes sense. Note the logical sequence of the topics addressed in the following outline that I developed. The study links on the Home Page follow the same general outline though employing less formal terminology. 

If you'd truly like to absorb and consider all the material in these studies, it would be best to study them in sequence, beginning with the Introductory pages, as one study lays the foundation for the next. Thank you.


Please read on for . . . 




* Bibliology, the doctrine or study of the Scriptures that addresses such questions as how we know that the Bible is the written, inerrant, infallible word of God and how He composed it through human writers. A proper assessment of the Bible is crucial for proper interpretation of its contents, which the following topics address.

* Theology Proper, the study of God, which includes, but is not limited to, the study of the Trinity and God the Father. God preexisted all else, so we begin with what the Bible says about God. Following the study of the Father, the first Person of the Godhead, we proceed to . . . 

* Christology, the study of the Son, the second Person of the Godhead. Then, 

* Pneumatology, the study of the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Godhead. We then proceed to study God's two non-divine kinds of persons in the order in which were created: angels and men. As for angels, we have: 

* Angelology, the study of angels. Then, 

* Satanology, the study of Satan, the first fallen angel, the Chief Demon (Matthew 12:24, Luke 11:15) Then, 

* Demonology, the study of demons. Demons include Satan, but they're usually thought of as Satan's demonic host. Then, 

* Anthropology, the biblical study of man. Then, 

* Hamartiology, the study of sin. Included as part of Anthropology. This study follows logically after the study of Satan, demons, and man or mankind, creation's first and only sinners. Then, 

* Soteriology, the study of Salvation (from sin and its consequences) through the ages. Then the two elect peoples of God: 

* Israelology, the study of Israel, God's elect through natural generation. Then, 

* Ecclesiology, the study of the Church, God's elect from Pentecost to the Rapture by spiritual regeneration; and finally,

* Eschatology, the study of future events for individuals, nations, earth and the universe.

While following the above outline in this series, the studies were by and large prompted by The We Believe statement of The Association of Messianic Congregations, which I exegeted over a period of thirteen years.  

For Yeshua and you,
Nachum ben Avraham,
Norman Manzon

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