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Each of the other headings on the Home Page represent a basic subdivision of Systematic Theology, which is primarily a presentation of biblical facts in a systematic order. The Spiritual Life, however, primarily deals with applying the facts of the Bible to our daily walk.


The first study in The Spiritual Life is The Lost Commission: To the Jew First, which informs us of the God-given order for reaching people groups in intentional evangelism. Because the study is so loaded with biblical facts, I have also placed a link to it under VI. ETERNAL SALVATION. 


To the Jew First is a study that is rarely touched on in churches, or it is presented an evangelistic method that died with the apostles. This study does more than beg to differ. It presents incontrovertible biblical evidence to the contrary. Please read it, consider it, and apply it to your life. After all, The Jew First Commission is God-given and is therefore to be taken seriously.

Norman Manzon

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The Lost Commission: To the Jew First (Romans 1:16)


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